How often do you update your blog?

I apologize ahead of time, but I have been neglecting this blog. I have no excuse. It’s just that life sometimes gets in the way, and I have to live it. But rest assured, I will be updating my blog moreso than before.

What do you do?

As of August 3, 2015, I started a new gig as a Marketing Specialist at a startup in Menlo Park, CA. I used to work at Nintendo as a Retail Marketing Coordinator, assisting with the advertising and marketing of POP tactics for the Nintendo 3DS hardware and software at major retailers. Check the section “About Me” for more details.

What do you do for fun?

I always struggle answering this question because I like to do everything! Seriously! Well….to an extent. I love trying out different things, and exploring new and old hobbies.

I enjoy a vast spectrum of activities: from art, to sporty things, and also some outdoorsy stuff.

I have an affinity for art and design because of my background (I went to a performing and visual arts high school in Dallas, TX). I also love going to live theatre, mostly musicals, and going to museums. Aside from that, I have taken acting classes in the past, and participated in 2 short films because I thought it was cool and fun. I also think baking is a form of art, but I do that as a challenge.

As for sporty stuff, I like team sports, even if I do suck. I dabbled on softball, and badminton. I also like indoor rock climbing, and practice yoga. I recently picked up hiking, though not by choice. The way I think of hiking is that it’s a good form of exercise, and it does a body good.

Cooking and baking has been taking over as of late. I like experimenting with different recipes and winging it — making it my own. As self-proclaimed foodie, I love trying new restaurants around me.

One thing I love for sure, other than trying new things, is that I have a lust for travel. By plane, by car, by boat or train…I like to explore places and experiencing things while being immersed in it.

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