About Me

mkCSy3vOwH36MHXUI6QIc4Rm5hx_sD5jIYB1MRdP-fd9=s670-noHi everyone! I’m Carla.

Thanks for dropping by!

(Pardon my sporadic posts. I have been neglecting this blog for a while, even though I shouldn’t, since I do have a lot to share)

As a young girl, I have always been creative. My wildest of imaginations and lust for travel has taken me to different worlds, and it’s always been an adventure.

When I was in college, I thought that Advertising was the career path my life will take me. It wasn’t until I became involved with the world of Marketing that I thought, well…maybe that was a better fit. It was the path that life has chosen for me, and not the other way around.

I have delved into various facets of Marketing, and found that my diverse experience has led me to all sorts of great experiences and places. It has given me a good understanding on what each avenue was, and also the many industries I have placed myself in.

My wide array of skills include project management, event planning/management, creative design, social media marketing/maintenance, retail marketing, and campaign planning.

I have been in the video game industry for a few years now, and I enjoy it! I love working on projects and campaigns that get people excited where they talk about the game they just played, and how it made them feel.

Welcome to my world filled with adventures!

You can find me on LinkedIn.

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