First Day

Hardest part of first day on the job: That “Into about yourself blurb” 😆

Merge Mansion + Kathy Bates, please!

I’m so late finding this out right now, thanks to my Instagram feed. I agree with everyone. Can these ads for this mobile game be made into an actual movie?! Kathy Bates won it for me. KATHY BATES IS A CREEPY GRANDMA IN MERGE MANSION’S FIRST TV ADS

Tabula Rasa

A fresh start to a fresh start. I’ll provide an update what’s to come in a few weeks.

About Me

Hi, I’m Carla.

Welcome to my thoughts. I don’t write much, but I can share random things I see or think about here and there.

An accomplished creative and strategic marketing professional with good organizational skills, an operations mindset, and a background in gaming and consumer electronics.

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