Big Data Companies Cluster Located In The Heart of Silicon Valley

Data mining is now popping up everywhere!

Remember when Starbucks used to be like that? Well, now the game has shifted. One of the first tasks I received my first day of work was to research our website, and also get to know our competitors and companies alike. The long list provided me with ample time to know what each company does, though a lot of the companies I have researched ended up doing or having the same goal, with minimal unique qualities. I still need to do a bit of understanding as that was only my first week. I will need to sample our product to get a good sense on what makes us unique.

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You Can’t Have Your Coke Unless…

You’re really thirsty, and you’re dying to have an ice-cold bottle of Coke. You approach the vending machine, placed your money into the slot, and out comes the Coke. By now, you can savor the taste, and how that dark, carbonated drink will not only quench your thirst, but it will also give you a jolt of joy and satisfaction. Looking at the bottle, and ready for that sip, you twist the cap, but nothing happens.

You can’t open the damn Coke!

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Dove: Selfie

Whenever there’s a new Dove campaign that’s trending online, I always have to pause and take a look at it. The message of Real Beauty hits us where it should because of what society has become as of late.

I have seen this campaign a month ago, and it did resonate with me. I have listened and heard my mother talk about her insecurities and hang-ups on a daily…no matter how small and miniscule they are. I’m not sure if it does affect me directly, but I know it has made its way in my subconscious brain.

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Virgin America does the #SafetyDance

By now, many of you have seen and shared the new Virgin America safety video.

Airline flight attendants have tried many ways to have their passengers pay attention to its safety precaution when flying the friendly skies. Some may rap, some may sing, others may even dance. We’ve seen them all on YouTube or even been one of the passengers on those planes.

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