The British are coming (in Hollywood)!

Yes, I am aware that there are European movies and TVs hows that we watch. This is now what I’m referring to.

What got me thinking about this is American TV shows hiring Brits to star in those said TV shows. The prime example of this is one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is a DEAD SET example of this. Look, Andrew Lincoln. He’s a Brit! And the cast?

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 10.04.42 PM.png

Let’s look:

  • Rick – Andrew Lincoln – British
  • Maggie – Lauren Cohan – Half American, Half British
  • “The Governor” – David Morrissey – British
  • Morgan – Lennie James
  • Jesus – Tom Payne

Would it be safe to say that the British are more talented than Americans?

Do we have any Americans in any British shows across the pond? I wouldn’t know because I haven’t heard of any! Wait, I know one… Elizabeth McGovern as Cora Crawley in Downton Abbey. Other than that, I don’t know of any more.

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