Big Data Companies Cluster Located In The Heart of Silicon Valley

Data mining is now popping up everywhere!

Remember when Starbucks used to be like that? Well, now the game has shifted. One of the first tasks I received my first day of work was to research our website, and also get to know our competitors and companies alike. The long list provided me with ample time to know what each company does, though a lot of the companies I have researched ended up doing or having the same goal, with minimal unique qualities. I still need to do a bit of understanding as that was only my first week. I will need to sample our product to get a good sense on what makes us unique.

What does our company do that makes us unique?
What I’ve noticed was that most of these Big Data companies reside in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley! San Francisco. Neighboring Data Analytics/Harmonization companies are arm-lengths away, and we’re all clustered here — competing to get your business, in an enterprise scale.
Source: IBM
So what is my point here?
I still need to have a clear understanding of the industry. Big Data is, well…BIG! And there is no doubt a need and demand for it. Which platform or tool is right for you, and what company? Only YOU will know.
In the meantime…I need to do more studying and research. I just survived my second week, and I am here to make a big impression.

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