A Quick Trip to Yosemite, Please?

So last weekend was the last weekend before I start my new work. Everytime I start a new job, I don’t really have enough time to plan something to pack my bags to fly somewhere, but then again…my boyfriend had already planned this Yosemite weekend months in advanced, and that was what I’ve always had in mind.

Now, he gave me an out saying that since this was my last weekend, he’s fine cancelling the trip to do whatever. Not that I didn’t believe him, but my heart was already set for this trip, even though I know what I was in for. Plus…I would have only had a few days to plan. Last minute plans = high expenses, so existing Yosemite plans it was!

We left Friday morning. The car was full of our camping/hiking gear, food and drinks and other tchotchkes. The weather has been amazing, but there was a chance of rain later in the afternoon for the whole weekend. We were prepared for that. As least it was only going to be an hour at most, and that was quite bearable. After setting up camp, we hung out around Yosemite Valley the remainder of the day while waiting for his friends arrival that night. All I could say was Friday was perfect, and an opportunity to do that again is something that I would love to do once more.




Riiiiiing! Goes the alarm at 6am in the morning. :::Groan::: because I’d much rather sleep in, than prepare for a 14 mile hike to Cloud’s Rest. I mean…what the fuck, right?! How is waking up that early to go walk 14 miles to the top of a mountain fun? I don’t understand. But…I signed up for this, and I wanted to do it, so I must.

We packed up the car with some food for the hike, extra clothes and swim suits for some playtime down at the lake near the trail head (I don’t remember the name, so don’t ask!).

As we trekked on this 14 mile adventure, there was no turning back. I wasn’t excited to begin with, but I mustered up some courage and might, that I know I will need to survive this day. Little did I know how this day was going to turn out.

In the middle of the hike, the boyfriend’s friends were a quarter mile to a mile and a half away from us. I had stopped for a bathroom break, and when I finished, the boy needed to stop for one too. Only his was the one that you don’t particularly would want to do in the wilderness. His stomach was not very happy that moment, and after that bathroom break, it just kept happening throughout the first half of the hike.

We continued on the hike until we got 2 miles from the top. At that time, he couldn’t continue any longer. He told me that I should go on with the group, since I was so close…missing to see the view would be something I will regret. I agreed, and promised to come back as soon as I could.

On my way up, people cheered, seeing my exhausted self suffer while climbing the top of the mountain. “You’re almost there!”, “You’re almost there!” I’ve heard that line about 15 times on my way up. When I finally got there, I got to see the magnificence of it all: Cloud’s Rest. I saw the big fluffy clouds, the other mountains surrounding us. We were higher than Half Dome! I was amazed at everything that I was seeing, and I was beyond surprised at the fact that I got myself up there. Scared that I was so high up…I didn’t know what to do!


After soaking it all in, it was time to head back down. I was so worried about the boy, that I went ahead and left by myself. Once I gt to where he was, and we were regrouped, we all walked down the mountain together. After multiple stops made for “bathroom breaks” and rest breaks, the dark clouds were coming in, and the rain finally happened. We were so glad to have gone over the toughest part of the hike before the rain, and was relieved that we didn’t have to step on slippery rocks. 8 hours later, we were finally back to the trail head. I know I needed to get some Pepto and soup fast, so when we passed by a gas station, I grabbed all the essentials.

Once we got back to the camp site, we both made the decision that it will be best if we went home that night. I had packed up camp after having dinner with the group, bid our “good-byes” and “drive safe” comments, and left camp at 1030pm. I had to drive real slow because the road was windy. Deer caution signs were all over, and I had to be careful not to run one over if any, plus I have a sick guy as a passenger. It took us 4 hours to get home. By 230am, we had made it home safe.

Camping and hiking is an adventure in itself. You mix something unpredictable like an unsuspected bug, and it changes the game. We know next time to bring reinforcements just in case, and to take this experience as another form of adventure. It was for sure a weekend we will not forget.

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