Fifty Shades of Bleh

This book/movie was apparently a phenomenon. I don’t think I completely understand as to why. As I type this entry, I am almost at the tail end of the movie. It’s been a while since this movie came out on DVD, so I thought, hey…I have some free time, might as well watch this now and see what I have been missing.

Well, I didn’t miss so much! What kind of crap did I just watch?!

The premise of the movie was a simple formula:

– Naive girl meets rich, handsome, and mysterious bachelor

– Rich, handsome, mysterious bachelor, intrigued by naive girl

– Both end up having an S&M relationship

– Complication ensues!

I do admit, a small part of me got a little turned on, but overall…this movie was a bust! I had a more fun time watching the Twilight saga than this, and I thought that movie was a joke. At least it was entertaining.

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