Bewitched Larry Tate vs Mad Men Roger Sterling

I think they’re the same.

I’m sure of it that when Matt Weiner was concocting Mad Men, he had Larry Tate in mind when he came up the character Roger Sterling.

“Bewitched” has been one of the classic TV shows that I love. For me, this was the original Mad Men, except lighthearted and enchanting. If it wasn’t for my indefinite holiday, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon a Bewitched marathon on LOGO. I DVR’ed every episode, that if you looked at my DVR queue, you’d see over 80 episodes of this great fantasy television sitcom.

As I keep watching each episodes, one thing dawned on me… Roger Sterling was Larry Tate! The mannerism was uncanny, and the way they always wanted to please the client was indeed present. One thing is for sure, as it was a comedy, Larry Tate was faithful to his wife, Loiuse. Roger Sterling, on the other hand, was not.

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