Hello To New Adventures!

Hello World!

I don’t exactly know who reads this, but I thought I’d write something new. I know I normally write about piques my interest in advertising and the advertising industry, but I have been in a variety of industries ever since I started this blog.

When I started this, I’ve always wanted to work in an advertising agency. I thought that that world was exciting because you get to be in a business where creativity is encouraged and how that creativity is going to be implemented. Strategy.

But then as time goes on, I realized that maybe my love for advertising wasn’t all that I have dreamed about? After my short stint in an advertising agency, I scoured through the job market in search of my next big adventure. I became a marketer in a bio-tech industry. A bio-tech company that was backed by a well-known organization, and not only that, but we were also involved in an industry that is never going to die and an up-and-coming one, that is going to be one of the faces of the future. Gaming and Wearable technology.

As I worked in this company for 13 months, I realized that I do have a knack in marketing. That I actually liked what I did and what I was doing because I was in the forefront on what’s going on. I also learned first-hand on what different products we are promoting, which got me involved in going to a variety of conferences and trade shows. I was also exposed in the media where they reviewed about the products we were marketing and sharing it with the public.

When I was there I realized that I did not want to be in advertising. I wanted to be in the media/entertainment/gaming industry.

After my last gig, I had a 6-month hiatus looking for my next big adventure yet again. I burned through the classifieds going after job after job postings, countless interviews…trying to find that place where I can fit in (again). I started feeling dejected and defeated. But that all changed when a call came from Redmond, WA.

I interviewed with Nintendo. After countless rounds of interviews — phone and in-person, I finally landed the job that I think will kickstart my career to work in this industry. I started about 4 weeks ago, and I just want to say that it’s been an interesting ride so far. The people I work with have been really kind and helpful. Supportive, and granted…they are also fun to work with. Now, I know four weeks is still really new, and of course I’m going to to my best to keep myself in there.

So World, this is my adventure. I will still talk about some advertising here, a little bit of marketing, and a lot more of my thoughts about the industry and of course…my adventures.



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