The Evolution of Peggy Olson and Me

I was a season behind when I got into Mad Men. Thanks to my friend who forced me to see it. He actually had to mail me the first season just so I can catch up.

Immediately, I took a liking to Peggy Olson — Don Draper’s Secretary turned Copywriter, turned into Copy Chief. As a person, and a woman for that matter, I wanted to have the experience she did because I studied Advertising in college. I wanted to be in Advertising.

But life changes. In the years that I have worked, I realized that it’s not the job in advertising that I want that I looked up to Peggy Olson. It was her drive, and the people who surrounded her that made her who she was (minus the sex).

She started out as someone with limited to no experience in the Advertising world, something that I also did not have in the past. We both want to work our way up the ladder because we believe that whatever THEY can do, WE can do as well. She had Don and Ted whom she looked up to, and emulated. She mastered the craft, and is now trying to figure out how she can carve her own path.

I see myself in her. Like Peggy, I also want to carve my own path in my career in this world I live in now. I also have mentors and teachers I looked up to, whom I learned all the secrets of the trade to become successful in my professional growth whatever career path I choose (Marketing). And I also want to make it to the top. While I may still need some practice and a couple of years off where I should be, there is certainly still some room for growth. I have acquired all these experiences that has helped my career, and of course I need to master all aspects of it.

I’m not as naive as I once was. Peggy Olson was not naive as she was when she first started.  My Our eyes are open and eager to learn more new things because the world is forever evolving, and the things we are currently learning is evolving as well — no matter what industry that it may be. If we can’t beat the time, we have to get with the time, and that’s how we are going to get out of it to make it.

Mad Men season 7 premieres April 13th, 10/9c PM on AMC.

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