Dove: Selfie

Whenever there’s a new Dove campaign that’s trending online, I always have to pause and take a look at it. The message of Real Beauty hits us where it should because of what society has become as of late.

I have seen this campaign a month ago, and it did resonate with me. I have listened and heard my mother talk about her insecurities and hang-ups on a daily…no matter how small and miniscule they are. I’m not sure if it does affect me directly, but I know it has made its way in my subconscious brain.

This new campaign called, “Selfie,” is golden! It celebrates women’s unique beauty and examines how social media has reshaped what we think beauty should be, and it premiered at an event tied to the Sundance Film Festival.

The 8-minute version of the video featured teen girls and their mothers, and how their mothers see themselves in their own eyes, and also how it affects their daughters on how they view themselves.

This Dove campaign that ties with #BeautyIs, gives all of us women the empowerment that beauty is within us, and no matter how we look at ourselves, others may not see those faults. Beauty is, as the saying goes…”Skin deep.”

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