The Phoenix Shall Rise Again!

Yesterday ended abruptly.

I am again a free agent. In between successes so-to-speak. My work life has always been a challenge for me, and I seem to be a moth to a flame when it comes to it.

My last gig has given me more opportunities that I could ever ask for. I got to travel part of the world, became chums with a Deaf DJ, I had one of the best bosses I could ever ask for, and most of all — I have been forced more than once to step away from my comfort zone.

Working at Artificial Muscle, Inc has given me all of those and more, and the person I can thank for all of those great things is me.

Now why me? Why did I thank myself for all those awesome things? Because if I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have had done this. This only gave me the chance to become a much better future employee to anyone who’s looking.

I also would like to thank my old boss, who has been a good teacher at the same time. He believed in me, and my successes in my personal and professional endeavors.

So, the Phoenix shall rise again, and you will see.

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