Virgin America does the #SafetyDance

By now, many of you have seen and shared the new Virgin America safety video.

Airline flight attendants have tried many ways to have their passengers pay attention to its safety precaution when flying the friendly skies. Some may rap, some may sing, others may even dance. We’ve seen them all on YouTube or even been one of the passengers on those planes.

John M. Chu, director of the Step-Up 2 and 3, created a video that will make passengers wake up, engage, and pay attention. And guess what? It worked!

See more via CNN: ‘Step Up’ meets robot dancers in Virgin America’s new over-the-top safety video

It’s their new attempt to freshly create a new video from their hand-drawn animation that was done back in 2007. The first and last time I flew Virgin America was back in 2008, and watching something whimsical surely made me listen in and pay attention.

1 thought on “Virgin America does the #SafetyDance

  1. Amazing! Although cue a 6 hour flight with everyone humming the tune…

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