Canceled Shows Have New Homes

Looks like some canceled TV shows are being given second chances.

Arrested Development. All My Children. General Hospital.

These shows have been revived, but you won’t see them on your TV. Wait…what?!

That’s right! These shows are now exclusive and can be seen on the Internet. These days, the majority of the population has made the Internet their choice to watch their shows. Now, don’t get me wrong…a lot of people still watch their shows on TV, but with the rise of cable costs, the Internet offers so much more! You can stream and/or download your shows and take it anywhere with the use of your mobile device.


These video streaming providers are even coming up with ways for you to subscribe to them. Take Netflix for example. They took Arrested Development and made it into a “Netflix Exclusive” show. Netflix now has 4 shows under its belt. House Of Cards was the new Netflix Original show, and has now skyrocketed, receiving 14 Emmy noms. Arrested Development, Orange Is The New Black, and Hemlock’s Grove.

See: Emmy Nominations Announced: “House Of Cards” Makes History

It also makes it easier for them to track the shows buzz via social media. Who needs Neilsen these days?!

Now, will some of these canceled shows that we love be revived again? I personally love the show Happy Endings that ABC canceled a few months ago. There were some talks that USA will possibly pick it up, but who knows? Maybe Netflix can be their saving grace?

What do you think?

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