To Love To Write Is…

When I was a lot younger, I used to love to write. I wasn’t the strongest writer in class, I was one of the bad ones, but with all the listening efforts and paying attention to sentence structures, I became okay. Still, I still pretend that I could still write somehow.

I think now that technology has been in the forefront of our lives and has become a part of the norm, most of our “writing” has turned into tweets or the occasional status updates. We’ve become instantaneous and abrupt with our thoughts, that creativity flies out the window. We tend to use that that status update or that tweet to get our thoughts across, and our play on with words, painting that colorful picture to our friends dissolves.

For someone like me who was an okay writer, mixed in the time we live in right now…I’ve become terrible. I wish I could write again.

I was looking at my journal, and I used to write pages and pages of thoughts and stories. I have a journal full of poems that I’ve written back in the day. My poems turned into prose when I got a little older…and those prose became short and exposed to the public. Damn you Facebook. You too, Twitter!

Social media is where I’ve been writing my thoughts now. I’ve become uninspired and that outlet made me complacent, when I could do something greater. Scratch that…I haven’t really been writing any thoughts.

Sometimes, I think I just need to take the time to write something in my book. No matter how short the paragraph may be, as long as I exercise writing, things may flow back into the groove.

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