Procrastination. So Help Me!

I hate to procrastinate, but sometimes it gets the best of me.

Trying to prioritize which ones from my task list I should pay attention first is a battle. How much time should this take me? Is this important right now? Why isn’t there more of me? I need a clone.

Is there an easy way to manage my free time like how I do with work? Do I really want to prioritize my free time along with my social life? Which one weighs more?!

This weekend, I shall begin my plan to manage my free time/social life like how I do at work. It’s time to practice this learned Project Management skill into place and get shit done!

I have some projects listed that I need to complete and pass onto the next step.

  1. My so-called book has been in the back burner, and I thought I would have the opportunity to accomplish that by the beginning of the year, but I haven’t. I need to at least spend 2 hours of my time into this. That shouldn’t be hard, right?
  2. I need to finish the book that I started reading 2 years ago. In that time, I’ve picked up The Hunger Games, and read and finished all three books. 70 more pages of The Marriage Plot, and success! This should be a half an hour every night before bed.
  3. Organize my music library. I don’t even have a drawn out system for this, but I know I must do something about it. Maybe my iPod can help me out with this. I think this will take about an hour on each Friday or Saturday in the wee hours of the night to accomplish.
  4. Junk. I don’t consider myself a hoarder, but I have accumulated a lot of crap in my life that I need to dispose. Clearing out each corner of my room at a time will be my plan. This will take about half a day. I have to mark this task onto my calendar.
  5. T-shirt design. An hour or 2, tops. I hope.

So far, these 5 tasks will take up some time. Am I ready for the challenge?


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