The Disappointment That Was San Jose Bacon Festival of America

I didn’t even have to think twice. It had me at “Bacon”.

A friend of mine had invited me to attend the first bacon festival in San Jose a couple of months ago. Of course, as bacon lovers and enthusiast, I didn’t have to hesitate. For months we looked forward for this event, that we started to wonder how it was going to be, what kinds of bacon concoction will we even dare try. I had high hopes.

Yesterday was the perfect day for the festival. Although, when we got there, the disappointment on our faces when we saw a line of crowd on each food trucks. This was not what we expected. Movable Feast, a local weekly Friday event with food trucks galore in one location were at this venue. The only difference was that they added bacon on their menu items: Tacos with bacon, hot dogs with bacon, fries with bacon, etc.

See San Jose Mercury’s Review.

I know Gilroy’s Garlic Festival is no comparison, but one can’t help but to compare. I wished that the event was better planned. I could have just made my own bacon dishes at my own kitchen.

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