Another New Hobby: Rock Climbing

Since acting was getting too expensive, and it wasn’t my intention to pursue an acting career, I had to make a tough decision to quit the class to save me from dipping more into my savings account.

It was a difficult decision, but it’s something that my wallet and bank account thanked me after. It’s been more than a year since that happened.

Other than acting, I often times find myself dabbling to new interests and hobbies that I can get myself into. Introducing myself back to my artistic side, playing around with some paint, or maybe creating a certain art project, I try to busy myself with things that will have some sort of benefit my personal growth. I’ve been practicing yoga for years as a form of exercise, but of course, I need something that will get myself involved with other people as well.

Enter: Indoor rock climbing.

Rock climbing has been an interest of mine for a long time. It was just finding the time to dedicate and finding the right people who has the same interest was difficult to obtain in years. Not until recently have I taken this long-time interest and picked it up as a potential new hobby. I finally got my belay certification a month ago, and bought the gear to support the hobby. Believe me…it was much cheaper than snowboarding (and that, I haven’t done in THREE seasons…sad).

Why I chose rock climbing? Well, it’s always a challenge. There are different walls with different degrees of difficulties that you can or may conquer. The more you do it, the better you get — just like in other sports or things that you try and want to do. I find it relaxing, in a way that when it’s just you, the plastic colored rocks, and the wall. You start to figure out how to move your body, and the strategy to get to the top. Plus, it also teaches you to always practice safety (as you should if you don’t want to fall), and trust your belay partner.

If you haven’t picked up or are interested in rock climbing, you should take the opportunity.

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