Dove: Campaign For Real Beauty

I really do admire Dove‘s campaign using real women, real figures…celebrating women’s natural attributes and beauty, and not what you see in advertisements.

This campaign launched in 2004 with ads such as:

Using “real women” as oppose to models. The campaign basically says, beauty is in all of us, and not what you perceive it to be.

This new Dove campaign offers a new perspective on what women think of themselves. As a woman myself, I see myself in a different light and I criticize my looks and appearance. This “study” or campaign shows a forensic sketch artist, create a composite sketch (without seeing each women) of these women, while they describe themselves to him. While earlier that day, the women spent some time with strangers, and later on, the strangers where brought in to describe the women who had been sketched earlier. (Via Huffington Post)

The results were surprising. I would describe it more, but I believe that the video will do more justice, and seeing is believing. I do love the tagline: “You are more beautiful than you think.”

The lesson is, don’t sell yourself short. Be aware that we all exude beauty in any shape or form.

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