New Beginning

I was truly enjoying my unemployment days. I could do whatever I want, go to wherever I want, sleep and wake up whenever I want! It was like summer vacation!

Of course I knew this wasn’t going to last forever. What if I didn’t qualify for unemployment? That was my initial thought. Finding a new job that I actually like was another challenge.

I scoured through Craigslist for new job opportunities among other job sites. I usually get the best luck on that site, so my visit was constant.

After countless interviews and almost close-calls, I finally landed a job that I thought was a good fit for me. Was it in advertising? No. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I was really adamant on landing a job in advertising. Afterall, I MAJORED in advertising, so that made clear sense to me. It wasn’t until I looked at my resume and looked at what my strengths and specialties are, then I realized, though I could work in advertising, what I have here belongs in a different field.

Enter: Marketing. I get (some of) social media. I practice the social networking world, plus I have other skills that are useful in marketing. Project management is one thing, and I marvel at the fact that from what I learned in that small wedding album design company, my skills will be of use.

Now, as a marketing coordinator, I can see some potential in me. I could be a manager…eventually. I am taking ownership of everything that I am doing, and I have a say on what needs to be done and so on. Heck, in 3 months, I got to travel to Vegas (whoopty-doo) and Barcelona for trade shows!

This has become a better fit than I expected. There has been some challenges along the way, but I am keeping my head leveled, and a good balance in my life.

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