Ann Curry Leaves Today…Sigh.

Disclaimer: This may turn out to be a rant entry. Bear with me.

I have been putting off writing something about this because I was still trying to understand. I got emotional.

Thursday morning was Ann Curry‘s last day as a regular anchor on the Today Show. She is now NBC News National and International Correspondent, and Anchor-At-Large with a team of 7. And boy, I felt the pain in her voice. It was an emotional morning, but she handled it with grace.

This story has been festering for months after Good Morning America beat the Today Show for the first time in 16 years to number 1 in ratings, blaming it all to Ann Curry.

After 15 years of loyalty and top-notch broadcast journalism, this is what you do?! Come on NBC! This is not how you’re supposed to treat your employees. Now we know what the network cares about. Ratings! It does not take ONE person for the ratings to drop. What was that saying again? “It takes a village.” Why not care more about what really matters — NEWS! We, the people of America, don’t care much about the fluff you put on the show. Maybe I’m just being biased. Yes, I admit, I have loved Ann Curry. She is one of my favorite journalists, and one of the many reasons that kept me watching the Today Show for years. She has class and charisma that viewers see as they tune in every morning.

And you give her a “fancy” title just to cover up what leaked?! She deserves something more than just 5 minutes of airtime to say goodbye. Ann Curry was brave enough to tackle hard-hitting news, climbing mountains, going to the South Pole, bungee jumping, etc…something other journalists would not have the courage to do. She did.

I started watching the news more and more because of Today with Curry. My loyalty to the show has been severed. I will continue to watch Today in hopes that she will come to view whenever there’s a news segment. Today will never be the same (pun intended).

NBC, it will be difficult to replace Ann Curry. I hope you learn from your mistakes, that certain people are irreplaceable!

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