A New Hobby, Maybe?

It’s been three months since I took a break from my (Meisner) acting class. I do miss it. I miss the games, the people I’ve met, who’ve become my friends, I miss the connection, and I miss being able to perform. Again, I miss it. But I have other priorities in my life that I needed to put more of my attention into. First are my finances. I won’t lie, but this Meisner class is expensive! I acted foolishly and dipped into my emergency savings account to satisfy my new-found hobby that I took for 10 months. Now, my pocketbook is taking a long break, and I think it’s very happy right now.

One thing I learned when I decided to take acting was that it made me feel different in a good way. A shy person by nature, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and interact with a bunch of people with different personalities. We learned from one another, and figured out a way to work with our interest in this performing art form.

Since acting was getting too expensive for me, I have a list of other interest that can potentially be my hobby, though…I am torn. I want to go back to it. Maybe take a different acting class that may not be as costly as the one that I’ve been taking for almost a year. Who knows?

I need another creative outlet were I can escape to once a week.

Here’s a list of other hobbies I could potentially take in the future. If you have opinions, by all means…please let me know!

1. Martial Arts (Shaolin Kung-Fu – I’ve taken this class in the past)

2. Indoor Rock Climbing

I didn’t say I had a lot!

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