Are Facebook Ads Effective? One Would Second Guess

As a Social Engagement Manager at Modern Album Designs, I have come across some road blocks that hinder us from time to time to expand our consumer reach. What are some other ways can we gain more paying customers? A while back, we’ve launched a number of ads on Facebook. After all, a lot brands and services use this social media platform to get in touch with their customers. So, why not, right? As a small business, we have to tap into different resources to see what works for us.

From my experience, Facebook ads did not really give us the metrics we hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve tried various combination of images and copies, and we did get some new customers who’ve inquired and used our services. It is effective, but not as effective as we thought it would be. GM is a good example of this situation. About a week ago, this auto company dropped their $10 million dollar worth of Facebook ads because they found it less effective than other options like Google ads.

What did work for Modern Album Designs is Google. We’ve been in the top searches, thanks to our use of keywords and SEO.

This infographic from Wordstream depicts which option is a better choice in ad display. I don’t believe it’s accurate, but the numbers are interesting enough to take notice.

So what do you think of Facebook ad display? Have you had any success? Please let me know what insights you have!

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