“Wash Your Bill” with Scotch Brite

A unique campaign created by the ad agency, Grey Brazil and Scotch-Brite joined forces to conduct a social experiment for younger consumers by giving them two options: Pay the bill or wash the dishes. For one week, the targeted patrons who frequented dining from selected restaurants were presented a sponge upon receiving their tab may skip paying by washing the dishes if they wish to do so.

What a good concept of action! For the targeted audience, it is about getting a free meal, while Scotch-Brite is getting the consumer to try their product in a “fun, low-cost, try-it-for-yourself-action”. Grey Brazil understands its target consumers. Younger generations would usually accept a challenge rather than pay their way for something they can get for free. I think if Scotch-Brite were to try this experiment state-side, it will create a buzz that will ultimately increase the brand’s clout.

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