Advertisers are a medium too!

No…not psychics!

“Advertising people are the peacocks of social media.” –

I read this article that was shared by my friend on Facebook — Advertising People Are The New Advertising Medium. It’s true. While a good portion of the whole world is connected in some way or another in social media, advertisers are, in a way, creative and socially engaged with what’s new and current out there. Not only do they use social media to connect with their friends, they use it to engage their friends whenever they see something share-worthy. They are a curious bunch, and they have the love to share something for everyone to see…especially when it’s something innovative.

According to the data conducted by Heat in San Francisco, advertisers are more obsessed in social media usage than the rest. Why is that? Why do you think that’s the case?

About 97 percent of ad and marketing professionals have a Facebook account compared to 82 percent for the rest of us. But the disparity gets way bigger from there. Twitter is used by 92 percent of ad professionals and just 39 percent of the general public. Other platforms such as Google, Pinterest and Spotify also show large gaps.

Advertisers More Social-Media Obsessed Than The Rest Of Us: Survey: Huffington Post

I’m going to have to put in my two cents here and agree with the article.  Although I am currently not in the advertising industry (trying to break in again), I do have somewhat of an interest in social media. And as a fan of the industry, I have to say that I do fit in the profile of it all. I share tweets from ad agencies and interact with them from time to time. I comment on their Facebook accounts and share what they have to share to the rest of the people who may be interested. Because you know why? People are brand conscious.

In order to reach their audience, advertisers have become a “bonafide medium”. Ad people are friendly, motivated, and culture drivers. They need to attract and engage their consumers. And one of the ways to do that is to be passionate about the work that they put in. That’s the key to make it effective.

Below is an infographic showing how Ad and Marketing professionals use social media compared to “Normal” people.

4 thoughts on “Advertisers are a medium too!

  1. The office holiday party bit – so true too!

    1. I’m sure it is! Which agency do you work at? I like your blog by the way!

      1. Thanks! I actually now work at a media agency called Carat – so slightly less mad ;)

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