AMC’s The Pitch

Just so we thought we’ve had enough reality shows, AMC springs up this new one that fans of Mad Men and people in the advertising industry will like — The Pitch. This show offers us to see what happens behind scenes, as two top agencies across the country vie to win a new client. It’s a competition. It’s reality. Each agencies have only a week to prepare until they pitch. You will see how it’s done, from brain-storming, to developing, to designing, and to execution.

I saw the first episode a week ago when two agencies (McKinney and WDCW) competed for Subway. I genuinely thought both agencies came up with really creative ideas! McKinney, an agency in North Carolina, pitched their idea “Freestyle Breakfast” where they featured Mac Lethal (YouTube viral rapper), while WDCW from Los Angeles, pitched their “zAMbies” (breakfast zombies). In the end, Subway picked “Freestyle Breakfast” because of McKinney’s strategic presentation, and also Subway can see their campaign going into a variety of different directions. A creative idea not just to be used in one campaign, but for many others.

There’s a lot more that goes into creating a campaign, and that’s working with people who are passionate about ideas, doing well, and having creativity.

See the full first episode here.

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