The Things I Learn from Watching Mad Men and Beyond

I didn’t get into Mad Men when it first aired on AMC. Being that I was an Advertising major back in college, I should’ve started watching the show.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that my friend insisted that I watch it. He even mailed me the first season box set just so I can’t give him any more excuses. As I pop each discs in my blu-ray player, I slowly started to get hooked. I started feeling for the characters, especially Peggy Olsen — Don Draper’s then secretary to Don Draper’s right-hand copywriter. I told myself, that I want to be like that. Not a copywriter…I wanted to move up like that! In advertising.

Yes, even before Mad Men, I really wanted to get into advertising. I liked being part of the team coming up with ads and thinking about how to influence people in doing so…I wanted to be in it! I had a great professor back in college who was really passionate about advertising. Though she didn’t have any industry experience, she surely knows how the business works and how cut-throat it is. There’s no whining in advertising, you just need to grow a thicker skin. If you’re going to cry, do it in the bathroom.

Mad Men is into their 5th season right now, and everyone is still obsessed with it, as do I. But why? Aside from all the drama attached to it, I still find myself learning a lot about the industry. How you have to coax your client just so you can be on their good side, don’t make the executives mad, learn to work well with others, being creative will take you far…etc.

The advertising industry is tough, but it excites me.

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