Ad Spotlight: Walmart Ad Campaign 2011

I’m mostly here to talk about the new Walmart commercials. Before, I could care less what they were trying to say with that yellow, smiley face, bouncy ball.

It’s about time that Walmart started thinking about repositioning themselves to win back their customers. For a while, they lost their customer confidence in providing them with the lowest price. With a new slogan, “Low Prices. Every Day. On Everything” they featured five new 30-second commercials where “you can get whatever you need, for whatever reason.” Another perk that they brought up with the new ads is that if you ever find a lower advertised price somewhere else, Walmart will match it.

This year, they added some humor. While I admit, the new commercials I’ve seen were so much better than the ones I’ve seen in the past, the other night while watching some reruns of The Golden Girls on Hallmark Chanel around midnight, I saw the first Walmart commercial that ever made me laugh. It’s called “Younger Skin.” Watch and you will see why.

Now that you’ve had your laugh, you can watch more of the new and hilarious Walmart ads on their YouTube Channel.

Reference: Huffington Post

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