Feed Me: Hidden Passion

Do not get me wrong. I love everything about the media and advertising. I think it’s a challenging business and is widely used by everyone. If not for them, we wouldn’t know what’s going on in the world today.


I do have a hidden passion. Is it really a passion? I don’t exactly know, but I know it has been an interest of mine growing up. I wanted to do musical theatre.

At a young age, I’ve always liked musicals. People singing their hearts out, accompanied with some acting chops, dance moves, and a whole ensemble of talent! The way you could say words and feelings through the use of a song is something that I’ve admired and longed for. When I was younger, I wanted to be in theatre. I knew I have some acting chops that can be perfected with proper training. I thought it would be a fun gig, especially for a shy girl like me…nobody would have ever expected that I could do something like that. There’s only one problem…

I can’t sing well.

I already knew how to draw and design things, and I was good at it. Why will I take classes for something I knew I wouldn’t do? Sad to say, I wish I had taken lessons.

So now, I’m living vicariously through those people who can do it best.

This is why I like the show Glee so much, because they’re doing something that I’ve been wanting to do in the past. It’s a show that I look forward to and enjoy every week.

Do you have any hidden passion? What is it?!

1 thought on “Feed Me: Hidden Passion

  1. You should go for it! Its exciting to go for your passion! Funny you post this. I had an opera singer come in our restaurant today. I always thought it would be cool to sing. But this opera guy was awesome. When he left, he sang a note, something in Italian, and his voice was so rich and strong, it gave me butterfly’s in my tummy. So, I decided I will look up you tube videos to learn how to sing. Really exciting! :)

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