Feed Me: From Traditional Media to Social Media to Mobile Media…How Advertisers Get Us Quicker than Swift

Back in 2007 when I started my studies in advertising, we were still learning about traditional media – TV, radio, print, direct mail, internet. While learning about those important things from those expensive college books, new media was being formulated.

Of course we were aware of these social networking sites. We were on Friendster! MySpace! And now…Facebook. That’s how we connected with our friends and colleagues, but never did we ever imagine how this tool will be used in the near future.

Enter…the age of Social Media. While traditional media is still being used, social media is where the great numbers are being generated. We were new to this! As early adopters, we are experiencing the presence of marketing and advertising more and more. We’ve become addicted to social media, and the advertisers and marketers learned than about us. They learned how to use this to benefit the companies, the brands, and the consumers. Social media became the fastest way to get to us. Brands use social media to help boost sales and numbers from traditional media. When you see an ad on TV, it will automatically direct you to visit their YouTube or Facebook page so you can get involved.

But, it doesn’t really stop there. While I was going to school, learning about traditional media, we were already talking about the future of advertising. I didn’t exactly realize that the future was already happening in real-time. A professor once said that advertisers are figuring out ways to get to us from our mobile phones. Now, back then…smart phones were very rare. I thought my Palm Treo was already…the smartest! A lot of us in that class thought that that would become annoying — receiving ads, looking at ads, being harassed by ads (which was weird because we were all advertising students). Little did we know…this was their intention.

Mobile media.

Almost the greater population of the world own a smart phone. “There’s an app for that” was coined by Apple. Now there’s an app for this, and there’s an app for that. Thanks to Apple, who sold over 100 million iPhones, and other “phone-like” hardware, we are now more involved in the world of advertising. There are a plethora of social media applications out there in the web. A place where we can check-in and geo-tag. An application where we buy online coupons, music, games, pictures, etc. Whether we like it or not, we are weaved in and out of the tangled web of the media.

It’s now 2011, and things are still changing, and they’re changing fast. What we learned from school is not the same as how it was five years ago…it was evolving as we were learning about the classic ways to market and advertise brands. Heck, I wanted to design magazine/print ads when I started in the school of JMC (Journalism/Mass Communications).

These are still new to us, ad we’re just getting started. Advertising and new media is still growing and evolving — there’s always something new everyday, which is why being involved in this study…in this field is interesting as well as entertaining. Who knows what the next generation of media-fanatics are going to come up with? We’re not just going to sit around and wait. We’re going to stay engaged.

What do you think the next wave of media will be?

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