Feed Me: How Social Is Social?

I don’t know if I’m very social online, but a lot of the average people I know would think I’m overly involved with social media.

  • 2 personal Twitter accounts
  • 1 work Twitter account
  • 2 WordPress (personal and for work)
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Etc. – random 3rd party applications

Why do I have two Twitter accounts? One may ask. My answer: It’s easier to separate two distinct thoughts to two separate audiences. I can concentrate on relative subject matter on one account, i.e. advertising, social media, art, design – @craetivity, and random thoughts on @Bubblesquat.

OK…I do think that’s a lot. I thought about joining more, but I didn’t want to get more involved. I think if I keep adding more on my list, I will become a slave of my own computer and smart phone. I still need to participate in reality and the special things it has to offer. Nothing beats reality, don’t you agree?

So why do we keep joining and signing up for more social media outlets? Do we really have to let everyone around us know what we’re doing? I know it’s powerful. Like Twitter, it’s the fastest way to get our thoughts and our word across. In less than a millisecond — someone already knows what we’re doing. Of course that’s an exaggeration,  or is it? It is possible, right?

We are in the era where social media is still young and fresh, and we still have long ways away to improve this. But in the meantime, we need to find balance between the real world and interwebs.

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