Ad Spotlight: Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”

Britney Spears’ new music video premiere – “Hold It Against Me” launched Thursday night during MTV’s Jersey Shore, was just product placement galore! If it wasn’t for my VEVO app on my iPhone 4, I probably would’ve missed it!

How can you not miss Sony?! I sure didn’t! Just as the video started, you already know something is up. A shot of her perfume, PlentyOfFish dating site, Sony….? It reminded me a little of the movie Josie and the Pussycats (which I own). They movie is about subliminal advertisement.

For me, it was less of a music video and more of an advertisement for these brands. But I’m sure they’re not complaining. They’re getting mega bucks for those air time. And how can you turn down Britney Spears?

I think brands are smart to use music videos to advertise. It’s free for them, and they are also targeting their audience. Smart move, Sony. I think I’m gonna go buy a TV now.

Read Mashable.

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