Ad Spotlight: 2012 Volks Waggen Passat

The two Volks Waggen ads (The Force & Black Beetle) were also on my most liked Super Bowl Ad list. I think the car commercials are doing well.

“The Force” ad spot will have to take the cake for me. As a Star Wars fan, I liked how they featured the “Imperial March” while this mini Darth Vader was trying to use “the force” at every household appliances he could find, along with a doll and his dog. Defeated, he had already given up until his dad drove up in the driveway in his 2012 VW Passat and tried to use the force one last time. With all his might and concentration…VROOOM! He was surprised! Little Darth Vader full of amazement, he looked at the window to see if his parents saw what he had just performed. Then we realized that dad pushed the button on his keyless remote to make the car purr and light up. (Laughter ensues.) These two brands (VW & Star Wars) joined forces and created a very humorous and nostalgic ad that we will remember in Super Bowl ad history.

Awesome job, Deutsch Inc!

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