Ad Spotlight: 2011 Toyota Highlander – Not for lame parents

After blogging about the Swagger Wagon yesterday, I wanted to counter that with the new 2011 model of Toyota Highlander ad campaign for the new year.

Forget the “Swagger Wagon!” Most of the parents in suburbia would rather take style than functionality, and I couldn’t agree more. Ask around which vehicle they would rather have, and none of them will say minivan. Minivans represent parents who are always driving around their children to after-school activities, and giving carpool ride with their children’s playmates. SUVs just have a style that says you can have both. Parents will have pride driving it, and the children will like to be seen in it.

The ad campaign is targeted to parents with kids who outgrew toddlerism – ages 7 to 12. Every kid in that age gets easily embarrassed. But with the new Highlander’s uniquely updated design, the family can roll about town with style. According to Tim Morrison, “It’s a vehicle that resonates with parents while still earning a stamp of approval from kids.”

The ad involves Nathan, an 8 year-old boy, who exudes coolness. His mission is to get his parents to be hip and to not look like a dork. With the use of the 2011 Highlander, he demonstrates how his new ride is not just functional, but it’s also stylish. He won’t be embarrassed to be seen around in a Highlander.

Unlike the Sienna (minivan), the Highlander (SUV) is more suitable with parents who needs an updated look – a less frumpy and tired look. The ads will surely resonate with them, and their kids will love to ride it as well.

Along with the TV spots, Toyota also drives the viewers to check out their webisodes on their YouTube Channel where they can see “The Nathan James Show.”

“Just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you have to be lame”

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