Ad Spotlight: Toyota Sienna – Swagger Wagon

Minivan. Say the word and what is the first word you can think of?

  • Soccer Mom.
  • Mom Mobile
  • Uncool
  • EW!
  • Frumpy

Minivans are the epitome of the mom jeans. It’s lame and totally uncool because of its looks. The loser vehicle. “The sweatpants of the car world,” according to The Today Show, the van just doesn’t have the style other cars have.

In comes the “Swagger Wagon.” Toyota Sienna’s ad campaign 2010. Donnell Johnson, an advertising director at Saatchi & Saatchi LA took this as an opportunity to problem solve and give this frumpy ride a makeover, came up with a concept of replacing the shame of owning a minivan with pride. This whole campaign changed the way (some) consumers look at minivans. Johnson created a campaign revolving around a fictional married couple, who lives in suburbia, along with their children where they exude pride and urban cool – just the opposite of what society has instilled in our minds.

Toyota’s Sienna campaign has become viral. With the use of TV commercials and a call to action to see more on their YouTube Channel has gained popularity with the viewers. Since the campaign aired, minivan sales both Toyota and Honda has gone up.

“They got their pride in their ride in their swagger wagon” – Word.

For other related information, click here for The Today Show segment.

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