Feed Me: Done.

There comes a point in someone’s life when you just say, “I’ve had it,” but you never really know how to finalize this one thing. Afraid of the cause? Afraid of what the consequence may be? Hesitant? There are a lot of uncertain factors…most of them are fear.

But I cannot continue living in fear. I’ve been too afraid to face the fear, and it has taken up most of my current life right now. And the only person suffering in fear is…well, me.

I know the things I write at times are cryptic, and for someone with a blog and sharing something so private…I’m allowing people to take a peek into my life. Right now, you’re not really going to get anything. Just a lot of things that doesn’t make sense.

But the bottom line is that I’m done. I can’t be playing games anymore. I need to be honest with myself and with others. That’s the hard part.

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