Ad Spotlight: Move & Kinect…the new Wii?

So, I’m writing this without the knowledge of each of the new products, but I’m looking at the products as I go along.

Back in 2006, we were all bombarded with three new gaming console: One from Nintendo, another from Sony (Playstation), and Windows (XBox).

I think most of us were more excited about the new Nintendo Wii. After the not-so-great gaming console, Game Cube, we didn’t know if Nintendo would ever bounce back to the top again. And then 2006 came…we were excited! Nintendo Wii!!! An interactive, get-your-ass-off-the-couch console that gets the family involved and not just your teenage son, locked in his bedroom. Grandparents, parents, friends, and kids were playing in their living room…together.

Well, fast-forward to four years later. Sony Playstation and XBox are now joining the interactive spectrum. Did these two brands plan this? Wait for Wii to have its moment of glory and hit it back with something better and great? I don’t know. I’ve never played with Move or Kinect, so I have no opinion. But I do know that these new game consoles reinvented what we grew to love in the last four years. Better graphics, crisper picture, and full body play.

In all fairness, these new game consoles are encouraging us to get off our butts and engage more in physical activities, and interact with our friends. Let’s watch these ads from Wii, Move, and Kinect.




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