Feed Me: HFS Reunion – True Hollywood Stories

It’s been 16 years to be exact since I left Holy Family School in the Philippines.

That’s how long it’s been since I started talking and hanging out with the girls from another country. Another Era. Another time.

Thanks to Facebook, we somehow all got acquainted again, and the plan for reconnection finally took place in Hollywood, CA.

At first we had a lot of girls going. They were so excited about this mini get-together we were going to have, but as time progressed, most of them failed to respond. Some flaked, while a few of us pulled through with the plan.

Finally, with some free alcohol courtesy of Horizon Airlines, a short stroll around Hollywood Boulevard, and a couple of hours wait at this little Italian restaurant, the “PAME” reunion finally started.

I must admit, I had a lot of fun talking about the old school, old friends, old “barkadas” (cliques), and teachers from the past. The people who’ve changed, who we hated, the trends/fads, everything that you could every think of!

I’m a little excited and looking forward to our next get-together. You could say, I’m a big fan of get-togethers and learning where they are in their lives, creating new memories, and at the same time…reminisce about the old days all over again.

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