Ad Spotlight: Gap – New Logo Mockery

When I read that Gap had a logo change, I didn’t think much about it until I saw it. It was awesomely awful!

I’m just glad that corporate decided to change it back to the classic blue box logo. The original logo which has been around for more than 20 years, is iconic. It’s been part of the American culture and is world-renown. You can’t just change a logo and expect it to be better than the original. The thought process was not even present. Gap is not just a logo…it’s a brand with a personality. And that personality diminished when the new logo was unveiled. Gap, who we know as a timeless and a classic brand became a pharmaceutical-esque logo?

Well Gap, Inc.’s president, Marka Hansen listened to consumers’ concerns about the logo change. After a week of seeing the logo change, they decided to scrap the new logo and return to the old iconic blue box.

Anyway, since they axed the new Gap logo, I thought I’d make one for myself to remember this brand faux pas:

That agency, Laird & Partners should get the hangin’! But…do you think this was just some sort of publicity stunt?


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