Ad Spotlight: POM Wonderful…not so wondeful.

So much for health, eh? POM Wonderful has been falsely advertising its product to the public and now the Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against them to end false health claims (Wall Street Journal). The alleged advertisement claims that POM Wonderful helps prevent prostate cancer, cardiac disease, and erectile dysfunction.

The FCC lawsuit names POM Wonderful’s owners, Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick, citing an appearance on the popular Martha Stewart television show by Mrs. Resnick in which she touted her juice as deflecting prostate cancer, advising men to drink eight ounces of the juice daily, noted the Journal.


FTC hopes that POM Wonderful will change all of the print and website ads and is also requesting the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve any future ads made by POM Wonderful’s agency.

Along with other fruits, pomegranate has its health benefits. But there is no known fact that it can solely prevent certain diseases as it was advertised. In my standpoint, didn’t their ad agency know that this is illegal? You can’t make a claim that is not true! Advertising has the potential to persuade a great number of people through print ads, TV commercial, radio, etc., and I can’t fathom how POM Wonderful got away with this. I wonder how many people believed these claims are true and ended up disappointed in the end? Put a discretion label or something! Don’t make a false claim factual, especially when it comes to health!

2 thoughts on “Ad Spotlight: POM Wonderful…not so wondeful.

  1. Nice blog. Unfortunately, this practice is too common in the food AND especially the supplement industry. Companies get away with it all the time, and I’m not sure why it has taken the government so long to care about it. Probably because of heavy lobbying. The government has shown a lack of interest in enforcing regulation in the food/nutrition industry, therefore you have these companies who try and manipulate people into to buying their products… And it works. Look at coke with vitamins, or bottled green tea that has “powerful antioxidant activity,” or “whole grain” lucky charms.

    We need to move away from thinking that additives make foods healthy. There is too much focus on nutrients and not enough focus on actual foods. Eat fish, don’t take a pill! Eat fresh fruits and veggies, not whole grain sugar cereal!

    1. It’s just dumb, that POM’s agency would think they can get away with it and find a “loophole.” This is a crime! That agency should go back to school and re-learn all about advertising/marketing laws and ethics. Imagine if I worked in that agency…..that’s just embarrassing.

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