Feed Me: Catching A Break

We have to agree that some people are just more blessed than others when it comes to success.

Yet, we ask this vital question: How do you measure success?

Well, that’s subjective.

But for me, success is happiness, comfort, love, and stability.

We all try to work on something to catch that big break. A set goal that we all made at some point with many revisions and addition. I haven’t changed mine in quite some time because I’m hoping to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true. I can’t always hope for the best and just wait for that miracle to fall into my lap. In the end of it all, I have to make things happen in order for success to come. Does that make sense?

Life is pure struggle. There are times when everything may go your way and favors you, but most of the time, there’s a greater force out there that just puts us through trials and a whole bunch of obstacles. Like they’re playing with our heads and testing our patience…if we have any.

Often times the struggle keeps us comfortable. We stop trying because we get discouraged. We lose sight on what we want out of our lives and we just sit on our laurels and hope for the best. And then in time, we forget about what that goal was. It gets blurry. It gets put aside. It gets forgotten. Then we ask ourselves, “What happened to my life?”

So how do we catch a break?

While I’m not the poster child for this blog entry, I do know one thing: just keep trying. I can’t just sit around and let things pass me by. I’ve wasted some time all ready. Whatever I’ve lost, I need to make it up twice as hard. Determination, heart, and inspiration. Success will come around. Soon.

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