Feed Me: Proposals & Weddings

Every XX chromosome in all ages, has thought about marriage at some point in their lifetime. I suppose now that I’m bringing it up, I’ve recently been bitten by the marriage bug. But not that kind of marriage bug, just the idea of it.

In less than a month, I will be 28 and un-married. I never exactly thought about marriage per se, but I generalized my life’s plan some time ago: finish school at age 24-25, have a steady boyfriend in that time frame who’s almost done with school and a career waiting in line, get that job, and then engaged to be married at 27-28. Have a child in a year or two, and then complain about life and stretch marks (while leading a content and happy life) as that was part of “the plan.” Alas, that didn’t really happen. Due to the economic strife and the education budget cuts (plus the bloody issues in my life that caused such a burden), it lagged my life’s plan by a couple of years.

Well, there’s no reason crying about it now.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be 28. I finished college as I was set out and determined to do, and now the next step is to get into that career path.

Back to the point, I never really thought about marriage until now. I nonchalantly said I wanted to be wed…and well, I do! I want to be surprised with that ring as he pops that question on bended knee, be engaged, plan the wedding date, be a bridezilla (not really), wear that white dress, and go off to our honeymoon in some remote island or another foreign country, and then move in to OUR place…with a puppy, named Sebastian or Cooper. I don’t expect a fairlytale wedding, but I want a wedding and a bad ass reception! I don’t want to give myself a time frame, but it will be nice to have this happen before I’m 30.

A girl…no, a woman can only dream.

But a woman just can’t dream forever. I have to support myself for the time being. I can’t wait forever.

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