Feed Me: My Apologies

Due to my busy schedule and the lack of clever anecdotes to say, I have neglected keeping up with my blog. To all my friends who read this and know what’s been going on with me, well I don’t have to explain myself. And to the rest, well my apologies.

I have a lot of ideas that has been rushing and meandering through my mind that my brain ends up being constipated. My brain needs to learn how to prioritize the thinking process and become more organized just like how I am physically. But I shan’t fret. Everything will come in order just like everything else in the world.

Anyway, I’ve been coming up with some ideas on how to make some art. I’ve been trying to paint on my free time, usually at night where my mind is most active. It does help with the decompression, so by the time I need to go to bed, my mind is already at ease.

Next, I still need to design a logo, and do some side projects on my own.

Other than that, I will post one blog entry this weekend. Something about fruits and ice. You get the picture?

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