Feed Me: Mean Cleaning

Pardon my OCD-ness, but I do enjoy cleaning, organizing, and being neat. You may think that all of those items I’ve listed are synonymous, but there are differences in all of them.

Whenever a Sunday rolls around, it’s either I do one of two things: lounge around the house and be lazy, or be really productive and clean my heart’s content. Today, I decided to clean. You see, there are a few friends of mine whom I admire because they are so clean and organized, I like to take that habit into my lifestyle. I’ve never been a slob in the first place. My parents thought taught me well. I never hoarded, though I like to keep sentimental things. Sentimental things tend to add up, which is why I organize my little knick-knacks and put them away in my “Sentimental Things” box.

Anyway, as I was saying before I wander off again (I have a little A-D-D), I do enjoy cleaning. I’ve learned to clean and become more organized as my living space becomes smaller. I started to strategically think about ways make this cleaning process as smooth as possible, without making a lot of mess. You see, I like to tackle things one section at a time.

  • I start with the closet. Ever since I lost my walk-in closet (I moved), I needed to see how I’m going to utilize this space to its fullest capacity. Finding the right storage, what clothes to hang, what color hangers to get, every little detail must be looked upon.
  • Then there are the drawers. What to put inside, which article of clothing will go in which drawer, etc.
  • The entertainment center. Where to put the DVDs, the books, the little figurines, the electronic stuff.
  • Under the bed. What storage container to buy and what goes under the bed.
  • Do I need shelves? Where to put the books and other things I’ve accumulated throughout the years that needs to be displayed.
  • My art. What pictures or paintings need to be hung?

All those things need to be considered in order to increase the functionality of this room. For you see…my room isn’t just a place to sleep in, it’s also where I be productive and I find solace. I don’t want my room to look cluttered. It rattles my brain!

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