Feed Me: More Self-Promotion…?

I’ve been tempted to stand next to a homeless man out in the streets, but instead of a sign that says, “I’m Homeless, any spare change will help. God Bless,” mine will say something like, “Currently employed graphic designer & social media marketer. Searching for new employment. Hire me.”

I’m a recent college grad, with relevant work experience. In just a month, I’ve applied for 40-50 jobs and no phone calls, no emails, no interview. What’s up with that?!

Now, I didn’t say I was going to give up. I’m determined to get somewhere and be useful to that lovely company with the right fit, who will take me with open arms! Never give up, never surrender as I always say.

Anyway, online-portfolio, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…are they enough for those (employers) people to notice you? I have them all. Heck, sometimes I have two! I even signed up for a new one called Tischen. This is actually a very cool concept. It’s a recently launched site founded by Saman Rahmanian, a former creative director at CP+B in July 2010. It’s another job posting site, but more for people like me. We’re the ones searching for jobs in hopes for employers to pick who among us will get chosen.

This is what my Tischen profile looks like:

It’s either employers hire you for contract/temp, hourly, or if you get lucky…you end up being hired for full-time.

I think I have enough for this whole self-promotion to work.

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