Feed Me: iPhone Love

Coming from a Blackberry, I snubbed the iPhone’s early existence because of the high volume of users. From Hipsters-wannabe who claim to be individuals, to Apple lovers, to cookie-cutters. I wanted to be different. I didn’t realize that being different made me feel limited, and it wasn’t until recently when I finally switched that I felt the power. Everything I need is literally right at my fingertips. I was sold!

Now I know why iPhone is loved by a lot of people. If you’re bored, there’s an app for that! Most of the apps that will cure your boredom are free, and if you don’t like them…simply delete the app with just a tap on the screen. I became obsessed of the unlimited possibilities on what I can do. A pocket computer that I can take around wherever I go. The only thing’s missing is the kitchen sink!

I just discovered this WordPress app for the iPhone. What’s great about this is that well…it’s free! I can blog on the road when I travel to give everyone a quick update on what’s been happening. Nothing Facebook nor Twitter can compete with.

I do love this phone. Is it even called a phone anymore? It’s an iPhone.

1 thought on “Feed Me: iPhone Love

  1. I’m commenting from my iPhone as we speak. Hehe. But yeah, seriously… It has eliminated my need for frequent laptop usage. I only use my MBP when I’m in production. It’s such a great device, when I ventured away from this platform and tried the Android market, I felt like I ran away from home. I had to come back home, and it feels great.

    The only time I feel bad is when I see a bimbo with an iPhone, not knowing what she really has in her hand… A waste of such potential. :(

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