Ad Spotlight: Kraft Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is not just for kids anymore.

Recently there’s been some ads lurking around on TV about mac and cheese. Kraft seems like it’s reinventing the brand. You don’t see these commercials on daytime — these are prime-time and late night ads.

Why? Kraft Foods is targeting the adult market and encourages them to get the “blues” at dinner time, and not just a meal for their children. This is a great tactic because we all know that adults also love that cheesy goodness that resonates back in their childhood — especially with the clever underlying theme that lasts an impression, “You know you love it.”

The campaign will sell the entire Kraft Macaroni and Cheese line, which in addition to the classic blue boxes includes varieties like Deluxe, Easy Mac and Homestyle. – New York Times

CP+B (also known for their Mini Cooper ads in the early to mid 2000) is responsible for the Kraft Mac and Cheese campaign, and I think they hit it spot on. The idea is to reassess the brand that mac and cheese is more of a family food and not “kid food.” Kids love it and adults alike.

Now, I’ve only seen these ads on television, and I thought it was pretty smart to have the kids talk to the viewers about their parents eating the mac and cheese that was supposedly served to them. Whatever did happen to Cheese-asaurus Rex? He needs a vacation. We don’t need a mascot to love this stuff! The big boys are taking over. For now.

Check out the commercials on YouTube.

Here’s a peek of one of Kraft’s Homestyle Deluxe ad:

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