Feed Me: Drawing Conclusions

Till this day, I don’t have the slightest clue what inspired me to become an artist. Do I aspire to become one now? I don’t know. I look at art as a hobby of mine that I’m really good at. =P It will be an awesome profession (no doubt about that), but what lies beneath this passion for art and this love for this hobby is something more and worth while.

I’m not going to digress again. At least I’ll try not to this time. I really don’t know where art came about in my life. As a little girl, I’ve done nothing girlie. You can find me playing with the boys, building houses and buildings, and castles with LEGOS. To be able to create something great with those small building blocks is an art form, and at such a young age, I was able to conceptualize an idea on how I want things to be without looking at those instruction manuals. I made my own castle, my own vehicle, my own paradise. LEGO became my escape from the real world at age five.

As I grew older, my cousins became a big influence on me. Especially with comic books. Archie Comics was the literature of choice. I enjoyed looking at pictures mostly, but in time, I have learned to appreciate the innocence the humor that was brought inside those colorful digests. The simplicity of the linear drawings, the colors were so vibrant, that it kept me captivated. I’ve acquired my own collection. For years, I’ve read and collected all of them. And in time, Roy Lichtenstein increased my love for comic books and its art. I explored his style and created my own version of Lichtenstein-esque illustrations.

Cartoons. Animated movies. They may have been the stepping-stones to my artistic inspiration. Though, it may have come to me indirectly, it made an impact in my subconscious mind.

Art school helped me with my craft and to also think outside the box. It taught me to step out of my comfort zone and to try different mediums I normally wouldn’t try.

All these things helped me become an artist. Not just an artist who is good drawing on paper, but they helped me think critically about everything. Constructing ideas, engaging an audience/viewers, conceptualizing, managing, executing…things that are essential and also helpful with business, advertising, and marketing (a professional path that I chose to pursue). I may create great things artistically, but I know I can also become someone awesome if given the opportunity.

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