Feed Me: Don’t burn the books just yet!

Kindle. iPad. Reader. Etc.

What happened to the old-fashioned paperback/hardcover, textured paper, nostalgic-odored, printed and bound books?

I must admit…I have become a slave to the electronic world. As a member of Generation-Y aka The Millenials, we want to have the latest trend right away. Instant gratification isn’t even fast as it used to. And yet, I am not an early adopter , nor am I a laggard, but there are just some things out there that I want to have to keep up with the Jones’. Take the iPhone 4 for example. Everybody just went ga-ga over it when they first heard about the leak online! They all jumped into the bandwagon and eventually became part of the phenomenon. I was one of those people. A total of 8 hours waiting in line just to get the iPhone 4?! Incredible! I couldn’t believe it myself.

Did I digress again?! I guess I tend to do that. Forgive me for getting caught up in the moment.

Yes. I do enjoying having the latest toy and giving it a spin once I get my hands around them. But, there are just some things about books that I can never replace it with a Kindle or an iPad. Though it may become an excess baggage when you travel, or it just occupies space on your bookshelves while it collects dust, there’s something different about having a physical book in your hand!

Going to the bookstore and browsing through the collection. The smell of the book as it ages. The history it has once you buy it (I print my name and the date of purchase). The way that it looks stacked with my other collection. The book art. Having to flip through the pages yourself. Having an awesome bookmark. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish it and forgetting about the size of the book. The nostalgic feeling.

These are the things I enjoy that I will never get with those electronic reading devices. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to own an iPad, but I wouldn’t use it to read books. I guess you can say I’m old-fashioned that way. I just love the way it feels.

So for the readers out there, have you traded your books for one of these devices?

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